June 13-16: Arrival in Finland, Mild Training
June 17-18: Jukola/Venla in Joensuu
June 19-30: Training Camp in Tampere
June 27-July 2: WOC Athletes (Julia, Tyra, Emma) Departure and Arrival Dates (Good Luck!)
July 1-2: Local Races for Real Race Conditions
July 1-4: JWOC Athletes Stay at Vierumäki, Short Rest Period
July 5-8: JWOC Preparation Camp near Tampere
July 9: JWOC Opening Ceremony
July 10: JWOC Middle Qualification
July 11: JWOC Middle Final
July 12: JWOC Sprint
July 13: Rest Day/Tuulikki Surprise
July 14: JWOC Long
July 15: JWOC Relay
July 16-21: JWOC 2018 Preparation in Hungary
July ??: Return to the United States